2 Aug 2014

Interesting Facts About Mobile Phone And Smartphone


Of course, a lot of interesting things that not many people know about mobile devices. And interesting things are not a hoax because the information was several years before this.

When talking or discussing a topic of discussion around the theme of the mobile device, it will be a lot of which can be removed, one of which is the interesting facts about the world of mobile.

Indeed, many of which may already know this fact, but not a few who still have not been aware of or had never heard of this before.

Quoted from Phonearena.com, here are some unique facts about mobile devices are interesting and worth to know.

1. Short Message System (SMS)


Philippines ranks as the first world countries where people use SMS services. Each day, the country recorded around 1.4 billion SMS sent. From the 90s up to the early 2000s, the Philippines was dubbed the "State of SMS in the world."

2. The number of characters in SMS


In 1985, a researcher named Friedhelm Hillebrand communication that the standard character set for SMS length is 160 Interestingly, from the first created, the short messaging service is not more than 128 characters, but 32 characters again successfully 'forced 'that can be used to write a fairly long message.

3. The first mobile devices with music features in the world


Although there has been a portable music player device, but a lot of people who want their mobile device equipped with a music player that is not complicated to carry two gadgets while on the move.

Therefore, Siemens offers a new breakthrough in 2001 with the launch of their mobile products that were named Siemens SL45. This one is a mobile phone with a mobile device features the world's first music that is also equipped with external memory (MMC).

With MMC which have a capacity of 32MB that, the batteries used in the SL45 is able to survive for 5 hours to be used to play music nonstop with only a single charge.

4. The strongest Mobile Device in the world


Maybe a lot of mobile devices which have advantages in terms of strength. However, based on the Guinness World Records, the Sonim XP3300 Force is a phone that is recorded as the strongest in the world of mobile devices. A mobile phone is able to survive even drowned in the water with a depth of 25 meters without damage.

5. The most expensive mobile device in the world


Maybe a lot of people who would say that the mobile device in the world is the result made ​​by Vertu. However, there is one product that is not made by Vertu and recorded as the most expensive in the world of mobile devices.

The mobile device is Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose. iPhone is covered with a sprinkling of 500 diamonds totaling 100 carats.

Besides sprinkled with 500 diamonds, rear casing is made of gold and the creators designed the Apple logo on the back with 53 diamonds. The main buttons are also made ​​of a 7.4 carat diamond. Stuart Hughes only make 2 units of this kind for the iPhone.

6. The first picture which sent from a mobile device


Advances in mobile technology over the years developed rapidly. Of which can only be used to communicate using Lesan or writing course, a lot of developers that spawned the latest innovations, one of which is a mobile device with a camera.

Of note in Wikipedia, Philippe Kahn was the first to submit a photo using mobile device on June 11, 1997.

The first photo is a photo he sent her newborn named Sophie. Not only that, Kahn also noted as a pioneer of mobile devices with the creation of the first camera in the world.

7. The world's best selling mobile devices


When compared to today's mobile devices, the Nokia 1100 looks very ugly and old-fashioned. With the screen is still black and white and the graphics are rough and old school keypad buttons, the phone looks like an ordinary mobile devices.

But who would have thought that the Nokia 1100 is apparently the best selling phone in the world. Since its introduction to the public in 2003, Nokia 1100 and its variants was selling well in the market because the price is very cheap and very easy to operate.

Unfortunately, in 2009, the Nokia 1100 is having problems on the software side that eventually misused by many people as a means of bank-owned machines breaker.

Therefore, Nokia will discontinue production of this phone and pull all of these products are not sold in the market. Due to its popularity and because it was withdrawn from circulation, then the phones are rare and sought a lot of people. Even the price mark-sales alone reached very high compared to the latest mobile phones or also selling price initially.

8. The first James Bond's  mobile device


The character of James Bond is a fictional character who is told always use the latest tools and modern. For a communication tool, a secret agent with the code 007 is using a product that is made ​​by Ericsson Ericsson JB988.

9. Nokia originally a paper-making company


The Company named as Nokia was first established in 1865 The company was first started not as a business but as a mobile device manufacturers of paper-producing company.

After several years of work, the Nokia never switches the focus of its business, ranging from the manufacture of paper, rubber, wire telegraph to the electronic device.

After changing its business lines, finally in 1980, Nokia has finally decided to plunge in the world of mobile and managed to become a champion for several years in the ecosystem around late 1995.

10. BBM, from the business into a life style


At the beginning of the emergence of BlackBerry succeeded in displacing the position of Nokia as the mobile world champion, a lot of people who flock to replace their mobile devices with a product made by this Canadian plant.

The appeal of the BlackBerry product is the presence of the facility named BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which in previous years has been no chat applications like this.

Interestingly, this is the first platform to be enabled businesses to save time and work their businesses to communicate and write to each job file. But in the end after becoming famous BlackBerry, BBM is no longer functioning as a business tool, but into a life style for young people.