6 Aug 2014

How To Keep Your PC and Laptop Remains In A Good Condition


As with other electronic devices, computers also have limitations in work. For that, it takes an understanding that a PC can continue to work optimally.

Of course, very annoying when it is in a critical state and have to rush to do something, but the computer used suddenly decreased performance.

With the decline in performance, ranging from the old to the data processing device is experiencing frequent 'hangs' make the worse situation.

Even appear many related assumptions declining performance of the computer used, ranging from a virus to a small memory.

But do not be hasty to do first when experiencing extreme problems. Here are some quick tips that may be useful and can help to keep your PC and laptop remains in a good condition.

1. When starting the computer, expected to wait for the PC first boots up completely before opening the application.


2. When finished using and close an application, it is advisable to do a refresh on the main screen or desktop. This serves to get rid of files that are useless and lagging results from the application beforehand.

3. Do not install the wallpaper in the main view in larger size to maintain the stability of the RAM.


4. Each product or program that which installed on a computer must require space as 'home.' Besides taking up space, these programs also always ask for an update in order to work optimally. It is recommended to remove or uninstall any programs which if are not used in order to provide more space and RAM do not work too hard.


5. Do not bring a lot of shortcuts on the desktop for each shortcut is created and displayed in the main view, consuming at least 500 bytes of RAM capacity.

6. Check the trash or recycle bin as often as possible. Although you have to throw the files that are not needed, but if the data is still in the Recycle Bin, then the computer will continue to read and RAM also will be cut by it.


7. Perform deletion of temporary files and temporary internet files regularly.


8. Although not so bring meaningful change, but it is recommended to defragment regularly so that all files can be organized and do not overload the RAM in the readings.


9. As well as defragment, do also Disk Clean Up on a regular basis in order to get rid of all the rubbish left in the system.


10. Clean your PC from dust, because if not, then it can impact on the performance of the cooling fan on the CPU or laptop which will cause the engine to heat due to declining performance.


Thus short tips and tricks on how to keep your computer remains in a good condition. Hope it helps.