10 Aug 2014

How To Find Your Lost Android ?


Losing a smartphone is not expected by everyone. Well, to help find lost smartphones, Google added a new feature that can 'force' the thief to return it.

Google has now added a new feature in the settings menu 'Android Device Manager' via the app or the website on a PC. The new option is added to the feature allows users to add a special message on the lockscreen screen smartphone, including a phone number that can be in contact.

Well, this new feature will be very useful for Android smartphone users who have added a password to open the favorite gadget. Later, if the smartphone is lost or stolen, the first thing that will be seen by the thief or 'inventor' when trying to access the contents of a smartphone is your message, following the only number that can be reached.

To run this new feature, the first thing to do is download the application 'Android Device Manager' which is available on Google Play Store. After that, you can choose the option 'Lock Button' and towards option 'Recovery Message' to enter the message you want to convey to the inventor of the smartphone. Please note if this feature is only available in the latest Android KitKat. So before deciding to download, make sure if you have Android OS KitKat updated.

Once the message is complete inputted, you must create a password for the smartphone and add another phone number to call. In this way, anyone who finds a smartphone simply need to tap the icon for the call which can tell you the position of your smartphone.