9 Aug 2014

Facebook Chat Mobile Version Has Been Removed


After emerging plan to eliminate existing chat feature on their site (mobile version), finally it seems to be real. Facebook chat facilities can not be used freely again.

In April, there is news that informs that Facebook plans to remove the existing chat feature on their site and encourage users who want to chat to download and install Messenger chat on their mobile devices.

Apparently, a few months ago since the emergence of the discourse, Facebook finally began to slowly remove their chat feature is to be used in mobile devices.

Quoted from Mashable (08/08), therefore, to be able to chat on Facebook via a mobile device, the user of this social networking site Facebook Messenger must be installed first.

Although impressed force and complicated, but Facebook users were disappointed with many interesting features that are already embedded in the Facebook Messenger.

In a previous paper, the removal of chat facilities that will not begin simultaneously. Facebook users who will be affected by this policy is the first in Europe who use the iPhone. Then after that will be evenly distributed throughout the world.