14 Aug 2014

ASUS Announced The Making Of The Latest Zenfone Generation

At the beginning of this new year ASUS announced the launch of cheap smartphones generation they belong quality, ASUS Zenfone. Thanks very spectacular sales in less than one year, ASUS announced the making of the second generation Zenfone.

Before the calendar changed to 2015, ASUS Zenfone generation smartphone sales target to number 5 million units. Remarkably, all of ASUS's new flagship smartphone, Zenfone 4,5, and 6 managed to receive positive comments from observers.

This then makes the CEO of ASUS, Jerry Shen, to create a new generation of Zenfone which will be launched next year at the CES event in January. The new generation Zenfone claimed got upgraded or new development in the sector of design, camera, memory, UI, and battery capacity, Ubergizmo (13/08).

ASUS reportedly adding 4G LTE technology in almost all new generation Zenfone. However, until now there is no certainty whether ASUS will still use the Intel Atom processor or switch to ARM processors made. Dual-core processor Intel Atom hardware including one that catapulted Zenfone name.

Zenfone own generation of smart phones to date have been sold in 11 countries around the world with very low price. For example, Zenfone 4 sold in Indonesia at Rp 1 million and smartphones are becoming the most sought after low-entry at this time.