8 Aug 2014

5 Easily Steps To Send An Email To The Yahoo Address Via Gmail


It is undeniable that many gadget users who have an email address to a few pieces to accommodate a variety of purposes, ranging from private business to work.

This is where all the problems come from. To make it easier to send messages via multiple accounts, one must install some email applications at once. Of course it makes a smartphone or tablet to work hard when it is used to open multiple emails at once.

To avoid it, below are 5 easy steps that can be taken to create a Gmail to send email using the address of another account, such as Yahoo, Outlook, and other Gmail account.

1. Log in Gmail via computer

To perform this function, you must setup the desktop version of Gmail. Upon successful entry, select the gear icon in the top right to open additional menu, then click 'Settings'.

At the option 'Settings' next top select the 'Accounts'. After that select "Add another email address you own" option that is in the 'Send mail as:'.


2. Enter other email address

Having previously selected link, it will come a new window that requires you to enter a new email address. In this window there is a column name that has filled itself with the name of your Gmail account.

Default setting will create a new email address that you enter as another name or alias. As a result, when sending an email from your Gmail account, the message will look sent from your other email addresses. Then click 'Next step'.


3. Select the SMTP server

SMTP server selection process often leads to worry because there might be a problem when sending or receiving email. At first glance it previously entered email address is an account that will handle all email activity.

But do not worry, because Gmail has set up traffic incoming and outgoing emails to you. This only makes Gmail sending messages, while email replies will be accepted by the new email address.

But keep in mind if you are required to add a caption 'on the name ...' in your email, it's good to choose the second option, then select 'Next step'.


4. Send an email verification

In this option you will be guided to send a verification email to the email address you want to add to your Gmail account. You only need to click on the option 'Send verification'.

Next you must check the email that contains the verification number to the email address has been entered via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.


5. Accept and enter the verification code

After successfully confirmed when another email address entered has received the verification code from your Gmail account, type the code contains 9 numbers on the window on the computer.

If the code was not entered email inbox, you can check in the spam folder. By entering the code, indirectly you have successfully completed the procedure adding email address.


After all the procedures passed, you could see your other email account when sending email via Gmail. If you have another address that want to be included, you can repeat the same process. Good luck!