27 Jul 2014

The Smart Shoes, Google Glass or iWatch


Smart glasses, digital watches to the car without a driver may have been a lot of talk about this now, what about the future shoes are of course also smart as Google Glass?

A startup based in India named Ducere Technologies, founded by Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma Krispian in 2011 has managed to spawn a new innovation is called lechal smart shoes.

This smart shoe is equipped with an electronic device that can provide feedback on the vibration created by the user when walking or running in order to indicate where the next step.

There are also features that are integrated with Google Maps via Bluetooth to the determination of its direction. Quoted from IBTimes (24/07), the idea of this shoe is inspired from the tourists who have to be bothered with their navigation device while in a foreign place.

"Maybe you can just leave the watch or bracelet when you leave the house, but of course you can not possibly go without wearing shoes," said Krispian.

Besides being equipped with Bluetooth, GPS and similar features connected with Google Maps, users of these shoes can also switch back and forth insole them at will.

Reportedly, lechal will begin to be marketed freely in September 2014 with a price range of USD 100