13 Jul 2014

The Launch Of Tizen Smartphone Delayed Again


The first smartphone Tizen OS, Samsung Z was due to be launched this week in Moscow, Russia, in a developer conference. Unfortunately, Samsung had to postpone the launch until an undetermined time.

Tizen OS is an operating system developed by Samsung in addition to producing Android smartphones. In a statement, as reported by The Verge (7/11/2014), despite canceled launch, but Samsung still continuing the project Tizen OS.

Samsung in collaboration with a consortium of Tizen Association, whose members include LG, Fujitsu, Huawei, and Intel, to develop Tizen OS following its ecosystem.

The delay is not the first time. Previous Samsung plans to release a Tizen smartphone in Japan last year. But after studying the market conditions are not yet ready, launch it nevertheless performed.

This year, Samsung focus work on the potential market for Tizen OS smartphones, one of which is Russia, where Tizen was scheduled to appear this June.

Samsung does not explain the reason behind the delay. The Verge mentions the possibility that Samsung feels the experience has not been as competitive as use Tizen smartphone smartphone smartphone currently available.

If Samsung can not make drastic changes, low consumer acceptance of the smartphone OS Tizen as happened in Japan feared would become a global phenomenon.

In addition to planting the operating system in the smartphone OS Tizen, Samsung is also used in a number of devices to wearable devices, such as smartwatch.