26 Jul 2014

Sony Xperia Z3X, The Super Phablet With DSLR Camera


Sony no longer hesitate to eliminate boundaries between phablet and tablets. After they spend phablet jumbo-sized 6.4-inch Ultra XZ, Sony now reportedly preparing to show off the extra large phablet successor Xperia Z Ultra.

Based on the leaked received by Ubergizmo (23/07), this new phablet in the process of refinement and reportedly received sufficient hardware support 'gahar'. To screen alone, named Xperia Z3X phablet is equipped with a 6.14-inch screen resolution of 2560 x 1152. high resolution to grade spans phablet plus a smaller screen than the Xperia Z Ultra makes it able to display sharper images.

Turning to the inside Xperia Z3X, we will find a 810 Snapdragon processor with 64-bit architecture that is now beginning plural tested by various vendors to produce faster data processing. But some still doubt this, because the Qualcomm processor type 810 is actually still very rarely used.

One of the most interesting features that are offered by Xperia Z3X is its ability to capture images with high quality on par with a DSLR camera. How not, in addition to having a rear camera with a 22 megapixel sensor, the Xperia Z3X will be sold with accessories enhancements typical DSLR camera, an external flash.

If this news is true, then Sony's chance to catch up with other vendors such as Microsoft with Nokia that has previously been issued a Lumia series smartphone with super-powered 41 MP camera.