26 Jul 2014

New Macbook and 4k Monitor, Apple's Gift To Cap Year


Later this year will be the moment very busy for Apple. How could I not, after rumored to be releasing the iPhone 6 and iPad Air now Apple is planning to add new release of their flagship laptop.

Despite having a busy schedule, Apple's continued efforts to create a thinner version of the Macbook Pro 12-inch version. Not only thinner, this laptop will carry the plus aluminum body design retina-display feature to run the initial boot.
Slim notebook version of the Macbook Pro this time is predicted to be the new trendsetter in the world of laptops, especially in terms of the use of retina-display and a thin design that eliminates the optical drive. Given previous Apple also do the same with the Macbook Air laptop.

In addition to 12-inch Macbook Pro, Apple is working on a computer all-in-one iMac with 27-inch screen 4K quality. iMac is expected to wear Yosemite OS X user interface that allows the use of a sharper, including the latest retina device applications.

Doubt, the end of this year Apple is ready to present a new breakthrough for their fans. Quoted from Techradar (23/07), a company based in the city of Cupertino, California, also continued to develop OS X Park before launch which is expected around the 10th of October.