26 Jul 2014

Moto 360, The First Smartwatch With Light Sensor


When it comes to smart watches or smartwatch not fit if it does not enter the Moto 360 as one of the topics of discussion being 'hot'. Now reportedly, Motorola immerse a new sensor that is not found in other smartwatch in the market.

Quoted from PhoneArena (24/07), turns on the mat Google I / O last month Motorola provides important information related to the development of production of Moto 360 Smartwatch that runs the Android operating system will be equipped with 'ambient light sensor' or sensor light adaptation.

Then what is the function of this sensor? The light sensor is embedded in the Moto 360 is useful for adjusting the light level of the screen with the state of the environment in which the user midst. For example, when the user is outdoors, the Moto 360 will appear brighter to be seen. However, if the user was in a dark place like a movie theater, Moto 360 will appear dimmed to be comfortable for viewing.

The addition of light sensor is intended to complement the Moto 360 display drivers to be able to maximize the performance and clarity of the screen bowler. Not only that, users can shift the screen vertically or horizontally to obtain a variety of information desired, such as Google Hangout notification to the weather app. Interestingly, Moto 360 is claimed to be able to recognize voice commands, so much easier to use to run applications such as sending a message.

The new technology wide 'display driver' and 'ambient light sensor' itself is something new in the world smartwatch. Other vendors Samsung and LG kinds that have been release them into the market known smartwatch not have a light sensor.