29 Jul 2014

Leaked Photos of Samsung Galaxy Alpha


Samsung expected to soon launch Galaxy Alpha, a new high-end phones will reportedly wear metal, not just plastic that is typically used as the South Korean manufacturer.

Well, a series of leaked images reported by Business Insider shows in detail the shape of the Galaxy Alpha from different angles. The device is also juxtaposed with the Galaxy S5 as comparison.


Seen that, with a 4.7-inch landscape display, Alpha Galaxy physically smaller than the Galaxy S5 (5.1 inches). The form looks a little more "box" with the corners tougher.

The back of the Galaxy Alpha coated materials patterned spots like the Galaxy S5. Presumably the same material that is used, the plastic has a somewhat rough texture like rubber.

Meanwhile, dikelir flanks metallic with metallic materials. Fingerprint scanner's Galaxy S5 also pinned to the Galaxy Alpha.


Not much information is known about the specifications of the Galaxy Alpha, except that he is said to be carrying the hardware innards are similar to the Galaxy S5.

Alpha Galaxy is expected to be introduced in late August, just days before the emergence of the iPhone 6 in September.