26 Jul 2014

'iTime', The Apple's Smartwatch Which Using 'Flip-up' Screen

Soon Apple will most likely be the first to show their smart watches to the public. It is not separated from the disclosure of patents owned by smartwatch is often called the 'iWatch' it.

Through a true endorsement patent has been filed by Apple since the 2011's, the technology company based in California shows a quite astonishing new facts public. In the diagram made ​​by Apple, it appears this is the name of the smartwatch 'iTime'. Though Apple is known to have patented the name iWatch for smart watches in several countries.

Quoted from ArsTechnica (24/07), iTime will be provided by some kind of seed sensors gyroscope, accelerometer, and vibration sensors and some. Interestingly, Apple also incorporate patent-screen 'flip-up' or a screen that can be opened to iTime.

Furthermore, Apple has been equipped with a smartwatch notification feature that integrates with Apple's smartphone, the iPhone. In fact, the user can set or opened later in the form of an SMS notification to the song being played on an iPhone or iPod through iTime.

Unfortunately, until now there is no certainty of the official introduction of Apple-related schedule iTime to the public. Although several other manufacturers such as Samsung and LG have been 'bombarding' smartwatch market with them.