12 Jul 2014

iPhone 6 Will Be Carrying A8 Processor


While many other smartphones are already vying to improve the speed of their processors above 2 GHz. This is not true for a large manufacturer of kinds of Samsung and Apple. But now it seems Apple wants to try out the super-speed processor in the iPhone 6.

Until now, Apple is still struggling with the development of new 64-bit processor with a frequency clocking an average of only 1.3 to 1.4 GHz. To change the habit, Apple issued A8 processor.

As a newcomer, A8 processors are expected to be part of the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 and brought the clocking frequency of 2 GHz peak. Speed ​​of 2 GHz will be the first in the history of Apple.

Even more special, iPad Air 2 is using an A8 processor with higher speeds, reaching 2.6 GHz. All A8 processor, both for the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 will use 64-bit architecture in order to maximize the capacity of larger data processing.

Interestingly, Apple is still sticking with the tradition of their dual-core processor, though the competitors has issued a quad-core processor to octa-cores. The company led by Tim Cook was brackish maintain a theory if the number of processor core does not greatly affect the speed and performance of the total smartphone.

Apple is no longer using the services of Samsung for producing A8 processor. They chose to end the long cooperation with TSMC as a replacement pick. These substitutions create new A8 processor is built on 20-nanometer process that is claimed to improve performance and lower the power consumption of battery.