9 Jul 2014

iPhone 6 Screen Will Be Flexible

Gorilla Glass screen smartphones are mostly worn by the output current. Gorilla Glass technology enables smartphone screen resistant to scratches.

The appearance of the screen 'sapphire' may provide a new alternative for smartphone manufacturers. iPhone 6, one of the handsets that reportedly will use the sapphire screen, not Gorilla Glass.

Reported by Techradar, Tuesday (07/08/2014), Apple developed the sapphire and upload a video showing the superiority of the screen. In the YouTube video, displayed front panel iPhone 6 screen 4.7-inch sapphire.

Video duration of four minutes 15 seconds shows what part of the front panel of the iPhone screen 6. Video also shows differences iPhone 6 screen size (4.7 inches) with the iPhone 5S (4 inches).

In the video sharing website, the front panel of the iPhone 6 looks flexible and slender. This contrasts with Gorilla Glass display which claimed more rigid.

The Cupertino-based company invested money of USD500 million for sapphire production facility in Arizona. Previous rumors said that Apple will abandon Corning Gorilla Glass screen and using sapphire