31 Jul 2014

How To Protect Your Device When Using Free Wi-Fi Service


In most countries the data security problem is not so much a major concern, but many in the developing countries and other developed, it is so noted.

Sometimes, users of mobile devices using Wi-Fi services are emitted for free in public places. However, there are times when in fact it is very dangerous, because according to some previous studies, cybercriminals targeting hotspot was also free to spread the virus made by ​​them.

Therefore, it needs special treatment and attention so that the device is not exposed to malware attack or the like. Here are simple steps that the device remains in a state of 'healthy' despite using the free Wi-Fi service.

1. Keep your device clean

To avoid phishing attacks, malware, viruses, spam and the like, it's good to be getting the latest antivirus updates. In addition, the owner is also obligated to protect gadgetnya with firewalls and the latest operating system patches.

2. Think again before connecting with a public Wifi


Many places now that has become a hotspot for free and can be used by anyone, especially in key areas such as airports, hotels, restaurants, parks, museums and others.However, not all Wi-Fi network that is emitted is safe. So it is advised to remain vigilant and alert when using Wi-Fi in public areas.

3. Paid Wi-Fi service is not always safe


Indeed, there is the idea that using Wi-Fi services are paid will be protected from all sorts of problems, especially the spread of malware. But according to some network security analyst, does not mean that the paid Wi-Fi service is always safe.That's because the activities and actions of the hackers now been able to penetrate tissues previously thought to be safe. 

4. Recognize Wi-Fi service that will be used


Sometimes, a person get free Wi-Fi network when it is in a place. To be protected from various threats, it is better to find out who the owner of the Wi-Fi network. 

5. Protect your information in the device


The most recent step to securing devices including important data in it is to do the encryption. When using Wi-Fi in public areas, it is advisable to use a virtual private network (VPN). By using a VPN, even antivirus and firewall successfully penetrated, at least the important data has been securely encrypted.