4 Jul 2014

How To Protect Smartphone Or Tablet Screen ?


Smartphone screen technology has brought us to an era of the all-touch technology and even with voice commands. But you know the touch screen smartphone is very vulnerable to damage on the screen. If we go back to the kind of HP before the touch screen, keypad HP if damaged maybe we can change the purchase because of the cheap price, but if the broken touch screen smartphone is fatal for your smart phone. There is a way of taking care of touch screen smartphones so durable, it is one way of prevention efforts to be able to make your smartphone screen last a long time. Here's How to Take Care Touchscreen Smartphone :

1. Always Clean The Screen

touchscreen smartphone so that you keep it clean, always wipe with a soft, dry material, in order to keep the smartphone screen clean of dust and other impurities. This is essential if you have a smartphone.

2. Use The Screen Protectors

Screen protector can be installed on smartphones, can be purchased when you buy a smartphone. Screen protector smartphone will always keep out of direct touch of your finger, sometimes we are a little dirty fingers dusty and greasy, the screen protector will be able to extend the life of your smartphone.

3. Use The Smartphone Protector

Protective accessories such as a smartphone can be a protective casing, or a flip smartphone and accessories to protect the screen. This is important because a smartphone is extra expensive to be maintained in order to remain durable. Such as when we enter into a pants pocket, into the bag, or on the dashboard of a car, if there is no protector smartphones will create friction on display smartphone smartphones and certainly will affect the future performance of a smartphone screen.

In terms of the use of smartphones to care for and maintain order to remain durable smartphone screen, you can use a smartphone screen in a way;  


1. Not Hitting Screen Out Loud

This occurs when using an application in the form of games, such as playing drums application for example, was so asiknya playing drums on Android till you forget to press with a strong screen of your smartphone. Let's not do this for your smartphone screen durable.

2. Not Using Nails For Hitting Screens

Sometimes the fingers are filled with nails, and the nails used to operate a smartphone screen. It is not good for your smartphone screen. Nails are sharp, hard, capable of damaging the smartphone screen. From now leave the habit of pressing or tapping the smartphone with nails.

3. When Using, Avoid From Direct Sunlight

When using the smartphone's good not to be under direct sunlight, this will impact on the components of a thin layer of gel that is on the smartphone screen.

How to Care For Sustainable Touch Screen Smartphone is actually very simple as long as we want to do it, for your favorite smartphone can follow the above methods for the HP touch screen you remain durable. And remember this is not only applicable on a smartphone, but it could be on a tablet, and PC screens and laptops. Hopefully this way!