3 Jul 2014

How To Improve Your iPhone Battery ?


Smartphones have become a loyal friend for everyone today, especially iPhone.

The number reached 47 million active users, or approximately 14 percent of the total mobile phone users. According to the data analyst Horace H. Deidu, as reported Digitaltrends, Monday (23/06/2014) that maintain performance battery power is an important thing to do.

Moreover, all of this will affect the day-to-day activities. Here are three tips on how to improve the battery life of your iPhone.

Turn off Background App Refresh
To begin the journey of your iPhone battery saving, first of all can do so by going to the Settings menu, select General, and then tap Usage. After that, tap the button the sleep / wake and wait for ten minutes.

After that, try to get to Settings - General - Background App Refresh and see a list of available applications. Look, do you really need all application updates it or not because its use will drain a lot of battery energy.

If not, then you can turn it off and only a select few applications are needed. No need to worry, because the application will return to the original mode will

Turn off Automatic Download
As an iPhone user, you can only get music updates, a number of iOS applications and automatically. However this will consume a lot of power. Wise, only use it at certain times when you need it. It can be entered in the Settings menu and select iTunes & App Store and turn off cellular data usage so it will only be updated when there is a Wi-Fi only.

Besides the battery will be more efficient if the deadly automatic download and update customize your own schedule.

Lower the Use of Screen Brightness
The brightness of the screen is the one that can drain a lot of battery. To set the brightness to the extent that you can still read it or see it properly. Way to go to the Settings menu and select Brightness & Wallpaper turn off Auto-Brightness.