17 Jul 2014

Galaxy Alpha, Samsung Weapon Against the iPhone 6


Samsung is preparing the launch of a new smart phone, the Galaxy Alpha. This phone is a premium product categories are ready to block competitors, the iPhone 6.

A week later, news of the launch of the Galaxy Alpha already crowded discussed by the South Korean media. This product is scheduled to launch in August.

"Samsung wants iPhone precede the launching Galaxy Alpha," writes CNET site, Tuesday, July 15, 2014. Apple iPhone 6 is scheduled to launch in September.
Site ET News said Galaxy Alpha is a fusion between the Galaxy S5 and phablet (phone-tablet). Dimensions are very thin, which makes a very futuristic appearance. There is also a super-thin design on the iPhone 6.

The material is supported by the metal, and there will be a number of innovations in its. Naming Alpha somewhat special. Therefore, during this call Samsung products with very short names, such as S4 or S5.

In addition to Alpha Galaxy, Samsung is preparing Galaxy S6, which is the successor to the Galaxy S4 and S5. S6 Galaxy will be the first Android smartphone provided by the chipset type 64-bit. The chipset supports fast performance for many applications use.

Galaxy S6 is expected to boost sales of Samsung phones. Therefore, S5 is not considered to present a lot of innovations and special features. "It also inspired Samsung to release a variant of the Galaxy S5, namely S5 and S5 Active Mini," writes the site Venture Capital.

Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy S6 is not sure when ready to be marketed worldwide. Previous news mentions Galaxy S6 projected block iPhone 6.