15 Jul 2014

Fuel Cell, The Future's Battery Power Of Apple


Imagine how good if your Apple gadgets can last for a week or more without having to bother rechargeable batteries? That is what is now being commercialized by Apple.

According to news circulating, a British company, Intelligent Company, has announced a collaboration with 'a foreign company' regarding the use of patents related to the use of a fuel cell or fuel cell. The good news, companies 'foreign' is Apple, the Daily Mail (11/07).

Inevitably many predict if this fuel cell technology will be the future of Apple gadgets such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook laptop up, TechRadar (14/07).

Predicted fuel cell technology could replace conventional batteries which is now being widely used. Unlike the Lithium-ion battery, battery fuel cell using hydrogen-based reaction to produce more energy and survive for long periods before being filled again.

The application of this technology can also reduce the size of the battery in the MacBook to make it thinner again. Amazingly, Apple's fuel cell battery is most likely also equipped with control means working to improve its efficiency.

Although the true Apple has announced the use of these batteries in 2011, the mass production of fuel cell battery still has many obstacles. One is the cost of manufacture is still expensive, because they to make a fuel cell battery takes energy from fossil fuels is not small.