2 Jul 2014

Features Of Android L Which Has Not Been Disclosed By Google


Emerging Android L at the conference Google I/O this week continues to adorn some cyberspace. But in the conference are the things that have not been told by the Internet giant on the full details of the features of the new operating system.

The first feature to mention is about the availability of the color space (color space). There are a number of new color choices (color space) on this operating system.

The user can select the preferred number of colors such as color monochromacy and others. In addition, there are several new modes in the color space, color inversion and corection mode.

The next ability is NFC (Near Field Communication) or near field communication. With this feature, users will be able to share files based on Radio Frequency Identification. This feature allows users to transfer files to each other only by their devices close to each other only.

The latter is a mode of 'battery saver' for battery-powered devices to make it more durable. Android adding a battery saver mode that allows devices to stay alive 1.5 hours, although in a state of low-level.

The latest Android version also features Optimizations feature known as Project Volta. With this features, the device will be more efficient in consuming battery power as quoted by Slashgear, Wednesday (07/02/2014).