18 Jun 2014

The Advantage Of Super-AMOLED Screen On Samsung Galaxy Tab S


Samsung Galaxy Tab S which was recently launched in Madison Square, New York, on Thursday (06/12/2014) and is the first tablet that uses super-AMOLED display (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode). How great screen with this technology and how will it benefit the user?
Let us consider the following :

Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics America, Mike Abary, when announcing the tablet, explain, Super-AMOLED screen produces 90 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB color alias express a variety of colors that did not exist previously.

The screen also features a display with a very high contrast ratio is 100,000:1. Compare with a 1000:1 contrast ratio display. With this ratio, the resulting image is sharper, more realistic to treat the darker black and brighter white. Arguably, this is a Samsung tablet with a screen that is the sharpest.

Based on studies conducted Samsung, the majority of people use tablets for three things namely surfing or surfing the internet, watching videos, and activity in social media. Study it get, generally the movie is full length movies.

"That's why we present a new viewing experience with a super-AMOLED display that delivers sharp images and rich," he said.

Super-sharp screen just one of the benefits of Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Samsung also claim as the slimmest and lightest tablet, the first tablet that uses a fingerprint scanner, and the first tablet that is equipped with eight-core processor or octa core.

Galaxy Tab S referred to be able to play up to 11 hours of nonstop video powered 7,900 mAh battery for sailing version 10.5 inches and 4,900 mAh for 8.4 inch screen version.

The tablet will start on the market in July 2014 with a starting price tag of 399 dollars for variants 8.4 inch screen WiFi 16 GB and 10.5-inch variants WiFi 16 GB removed at 499 U.S. dollars.