1 Jun 2014

Sssttt... Galaxy "S5 Active" Quietly Can Be Purchased

Sssttt... Galaxy "S5 Active" Quietly Can Be Purchased - ZhivoTech.com
Samsung Galaxy S5 Leak - CNet
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active turns have entered the market as a "secretly " without a lot of hoopla.

BGR reports that the device be available through U.S. mobile carrier, AT & T, on 30 May.

16GB version of this smartphone is priced at $ 199 dollars with a 2 year contract. There is also a package of monthly installments at 27.5 U.S. dollars for 18 months and 35.75 dollars sealama 12 months.

Galaxy S5 Active itself is a variant of Samsung's flagship handset, the Galaxy S5.

Active versions equipped physically stronger than most other smartphones, including resistance to impact, water, and dust.

Active Galaxy S5 also carries a number of hardware components such as high-end quad- core Snapdragon processor 801 2.5 GHz, 2GB RAM, 5.1 -inch AMOLED display with full - HD resolution, a micro - SD support up to 128 GB, and 16 -megapixel camera.

This device does not have a fingerprint scanner as the Galaxy S5. In exchange, the Galaxy S5 Active provides three physical buttons on the front.

There is also a dedicated button on the side that can launch the application " outdoor " with a single tap.

AT&T offers the Galaxy S5 Active in three colors, namely " Camo Green ", " Titanium Grey ", and " Ruby Red ".