13 Jun 2014

Oppo R3, Xperia T3's Rival - The Thinnest LTE Smartphone

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Oppo R3 - PhoneArena

Welcome to the era of the smartphone battle thin. After last week launched Find 7 N1 Mini and Mini, Oppo is now ready to show off super-thin smartphone as a competitor of the Sony Xperia T3.

The first thing to be proud of by the Oppo certainly is the thickness of the Oppo R3 which is only 6.3 mm is slightly thinner than the Xperia 3 with a thickness of 7mm. Oppo too sure if Oppo R3 is a smartphone with LTE technoloy world's thinnest, PhoneArena.

The good news is Oppo R3 is a midrange smartphone with a price not too expensive, 'only' U.S. $ 368 with similar specs to the Sony Xperia T3.

Just look at the 5-inch IPS display its 720p resolution, similar to the Xperia smartphone from Sony T3 although it does have a slightly larger screen, 5.3 inches.

The resemblance continues to the rear camera both have 8MP resolution. It seems that the Xperia T3 is superior to recall Sony has pinned sensor Exmor RS to get the HD quality video recording at 1080p.

Not to be outdone, Oppo beat R3 1.1 MP front camera Xperia T3 with 5MP resolution camera plus O features to capture video or animated GIF images.

Oppo R3 was also still outperformed Xperia T3 in the kitchen area of the runway. By carrying the quad-core Snapdragon processor 400 1.6 GHz, Oppo R3 win over Xperia T3 only bring quad-core Snapdragon processor 1.4 GHz. In addition both have the same RAM, 1GB and 8GB of internal storage media.

But Xperia T3 has not been exhausted, the handset is 'against' Oppo R3 with a larger battery capacity, around 2500mAh. Slightly superior to the Oppo R3 with 2420mAh battery hers. Moreover LTE technology promoted by R3 Oppo seems to only be used for 4G LTE services in the area of China alone.