11 Jun 2014

New Windows Phone Features Coming Soon : Motion Sensor As "Kinect"

Nokia Lumia - zhivotech.com

Microsoft will complement its Windows Phone smartphone that resembles the Kinect sensor, which is able to read body movements. Nokia Lumia 1020 will be the first smartphone to use this sensor.

Microsoft's internal source told the website The Verge (09/06/2014) that the technology by Microsoft called 3D Touch or Real Motion has been developed by Nokia for several years back.

Evleaks Twitter account that often leaked mobile devices has also been uncovering new Nokia smartphone with gesture sensors. According Evleaks, the device codenamed Nokia MacLaren.

McLaren is said to have many sensors in the device to support 3D Touch system. For example, 3D Touch sensors can be used to answer the phone features of the device by simply putting in ear, activating the speaker to put smartphones on a table, or hang up phone calls by simply putting it into his pocket.

With these sensors, Microsoft tries to simplify how to use the device and remove the buttons, such as the power button, so users simply grasping smartphone to turn on the device.

Microsoft also wants to be able to feel how the smartphone is held, so that the sensor can display 3D Touch screen display orientation appropriately, whether portrait or landscape, so do not rely on gyro sensors as other smartphone smartphones today.

While part of the smartphone can be used to control the zoom camera. Users simply swipe the side of the smartphone for zooming.

Interface menu also will utilize the 3D sensor Touch. MixView interface called Touch that uses 3D sensors interface lets users surf without touching the screen, simply by movement on the screen only.

However, Microsoft is not the only one smartphone vendor plans to add a 3D sensor in the device. Other vendors had the same plan is Amazon, although the sets are sold freely in Indonesia.

Then, Can Microsoft create a 3D sensor that is quite unique, so it could be a differentiating factor that is strong enough to attract users?