3 Jun 2014

New Feature Presents on iOS 8. Check It Out !

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In the mat Worldwide Developers Conference 2014, Apple introduced the latest version of iOS, iOS 8.

Apple's mobile operating system was experiencing some exciting changes. One of them, users can now interact on the notification that appears, without the need to open the application in question.

In a demo at the event, a text message appears on the screen can be instantly rewarded with the notification pull down.

Another thing that is interesting, Spotlight search on iOS through 8 will display the related matters of the web page, suggestions are not owned by the user application, and other articles in Wikipedia.

Apple also updated the keyboard in iOS 8 with a feature called QuickType. This feature is a little more reminiscent of SwiftKey apps are quite popular on other platforms.

Message 8 app for iOS was updated by Apple that has features that are usually only held instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp. One of them is a Group Messaging can now be titled like WhatsApp group.

In general, changes in the form of additional features iOS 8 which is expected to be useful for users of the iPhone and iPad. While iOS 7, which appeared last year, more dominant on design changes.