22 Jun 2014

New Application Feature Of Path Named "Path Talk"


Social network Path to make strategic changes to the service. Companies from San Francisco, California, USA, it separates social networking services with instant messaging applications.

Now, Path has a standalone instant messaging application called Path Talk, which was launched on Friday (06.20.2014) for Android and iOS devices.

The service is integrated with the phone number and contact list on the user's device. Users can add friends based on the phone number. However, concerned friends must have an account Path Talk beforehand.

Application Path Talk focuses on privacy by providing a feature called Off the Record. All messages sent via Path Talk will be deleted from the server and the user of the device within 24 hours after the message was sent. This feature is similar as in Snapchat and Cyber Dust.

Display Path Talk provides a Message menu, Status, People, and user profiles. This application can be used to share text messages, send video and photos, location sharing, voicemail, and music. Users can also send a digital sticker downloaded free and paid. Path Talk also lets users create a group chat.

Status menu displays information about the status of friends, ranging from the location, the weather, the percentage of the battery from the device to a friend.

There is also a Quick Reply feature. As the name suggests, this feature enables users to reply to messages quickly. How, by sending phone alert (colored blue) or a question mark (yellow) which can be done by shifting to the right contact name, or a check mark (green) located on the right column of chat.

Users can send a check mark if it agrees with the idea of interlocutor. While signs mean phone calls requesting conversation continued via telephone.

One drawback is the Path Talk, yet provide a data-based phone call services (internet) as did its competitors, namely Line or Viber.