6 Jun 2014

Microsoft Ready For Lower Smartphone Price

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Windows Phone

Today, many vendors either already have big names and still be in the local cross vying to create the best products to market. However, what is actually sought by today's society?

Starting from Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Apple, Sony, and others, such as competing to offer their products with attractive wrapping technology.

But of course, what is being offered by reputed companies world over have many attractive features and high-tech compared to the products of companies that still do not have a name in the global scope.

However, if given the choice, in fact the world of mobile device users prefer products from leading vendors with a fantastic price or a regular company with a relatively affordable price?

In this case of course the chasm between the two products from vendors and the usual giant lies in the content on the device.

In general, many users of mobile devices in particular is only concerned with a few features that are owned by a device. The average of those features that do not require too sophisticated and most preferred mobile devices at affordable prices but is equipped with the facilities they want, such as camera, internet, BBM and a few others.

Globally, the mobile device at a low price is more attractive than the facilities that have more but sold at a price that is too high.

Even thought, there will be a 'flood' of cheap mobile devices will compete with products such expensive technical masterpiece.

Of course, the manufacturers either already famous or local standard also understand this phenomenon and they also make special products at low prices in the hope of embracing the market as much as possible.

When confronted in one condition, what would you choose to help with daily activities, products with a low price but only has standard facilities or products at fantastic prices, but has the sophistication and diversity of features in it?
But now, get ready to welcome Microsoft's tablet and smartphone with a cheaper price this year. Especially for mobile devices with a size of 7 to 10 inches. Therefore, Microsoft is planning to cut the selling price.

If last year the price range of mobile devices with the Windows operating system sold by Microsoft at a price range of 300 to 500 dollars, then this year the price could fall to below 200 U.S. dollars.

The decrease in the selling price of Windows 8 is a part of Microsoft's aggressive move to target their market share in the mobile sector this year.

"We have arrived at a point where the industry for a device with a 7, 8, and 10 inches to be very tight," said vice president of Microsoft's OEM, Nick Parker at the Computex Taiwan, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, Thursday (5 / 6/2014).

"Therefore, the Windows Phone smartphones will be sold below the price of 200 U.S. dollars in some areas this year," added Parker.

Microsoft's own market share in the mobile segment of the new 4 percent last year according to IDC survey agency. Far behind Google's Android mobile that has a market share of more than 80 percent.

In addition to lower prices, Microsoft's effort to expand its market share is also done by the operating system separately exempt under the 9-inch screen size.

Microsoft also has made the certification requirements of its mobile devices become more loose, not as tight as before. The cooperation with various vendors smartphone manufacturers are also being conducted. Most warm is the issue of cooperation with Taiwan vendors, HTC.

However, Parker refused to answer whether the move to exempt the Windows OS into a permanent strategy, or Microsoft will again attract a fee in the future for any smartphone manufacturers that use its OS.