2 Jun 2014

LG G3, The Only Phone That Offers Practicality

LG G3, The Only Phone That Offers Practicality - zhivotech.com

Practical, simple, elegant, and of course smart. That concept is offered on a new mobile phone LG, LG G3. Launched in London, England, on Tuesday afternoon, May 27, 2014, LG finally opened the curtain of mystery that Android-based phones are touted today's most powerful, especially from the side of the screen and camera features.

In addition to London, the launch took place simultaneously in New York and San Francisco, followed later in Seoul, Istanbul, and Singapore. LG gave the motto " Simple is the New Smart " on the LG G3 to illustrate the practicality, simplicity, and ease of use of mobile phones based on Android 4.4 this KitKat.

" We always listen and learn what consumers want. They do not want a phone that complicated, but in practical use, "said ramchan Woo, Head of Planning Smartphone LG Electronics Mobile Communications, during the launch.

Woo added that people no longer read the manual when buying a smart phone. " So the best concept of a smart phone should be intuitive, " he said. " Your life will be much simpler with G3, and your life will be more intelligent with the G3. "

Unfortunately, the event was hosted by Pollyanna Woodward, British television presenter who is famous for the show The Gadget Show on Channel 5, it does not say how much the price per unit of the LG G3. But reportedly, in Singapore this phone priced at U.S. $ 690 for the 16 gigabyte version and U.S. $ 740 for 32 gigabytes.


The main feature of this phone is a quad -tech screen high definition ( QHD ). Imagine, with the technology, G3 screen measuring 5.3 inch x 2,560 resolution can spray 1,440 pixels and a density of 538 pixels per inch. Eyes also becoming spoiled. The power of the same screen with a resolution on homemade Apple iMac computers with 27 -inch screen.

LG G3 Screen - zhivotech.com
LG G3 Screen

LG G3 is not the first smart phone that carries such a high screen resolution. But this is the first mainstream smart phone with a resolution of it. According to James Marshall, Head of Mobile Product Marketing LG Electronics Europe, who do product presentation, display with qHD resolution on the LG G3 is four times sharper and clearer than the screen high definition ( HD ).

In addition, LG claims the screen is as sharp with the G3 standard used by print media. That is, read the print version of the magazine to read digital magazines on mobile G3 invisible difference.

LG initially intend to use 4K display technology. But the South Korean vendors cancel. Whatever the reason, look at the screen density of 538 pixels per inch reach, this phone deserves to be called terrible. Compare with the pixel density on the iPhone 5S equipped Retina Display technology. The density of the screen is only 326 pixels per inch.


Other features on the LG championed G3 is the camera's autofocus system laser measuring up to 13 megapixels. Most smart phone camera detects objects by means of phase detection, contrast detection, or a combination of both. The goal for the targeted object right at the focal point.

Unfortunately, this method has many disadvantages. For example, low lighting make the focal point of the search becomes very difficult. To overcome this problem, LG put the laser autofocus system. This technology is not new. In compact cameras or firearms, laser autofocus has been used. However, for a smart phone, the LG G3 is the pioneer.

LG G3 camera - zhivotech.com
LG G3 Camera Leak

Thanks to the use of laser autofocus system, the camera is able to locate the focal point of the G3 is much faster than conventional systems. To find the focal point, G3 camera only takes 276 milliseconds. For comparison, the human eye blink takes 300 milliseconds. That is, before you have finished flashing, G3 camera has been getting the focus point.

G3 is also equipped with an optical image stabilization ( OIS ). This technology makes the camera 30 percent more stable than other smart phone camera. Not only that, James Marshall said, " LG G3 also makes it easier selfie. " He also called the G3 as a phone for true fans selfie.


LG G3 slightly curved design, called Floating Arc, in order to be comfortable. Very thin bezel makes the front display G3 approximately 77 percent of the touch screen. Not only that, despite the wide screen of 5.5 inches, the size of this phone is not much different from the 5 -inch phone. This is possible thanks to the thin bezel.
LG G3 design - zhivotech.com
LG G3 Design

On the back, with a surface such as a metal ( brushed metal ), there is a button the same functionality as its predecessor, the LG G2. However, the G3, buttons look slimmer. Practical concept is also seen in the G3 user interface is simple, neat, and clean.

As a smart phone, the LG G3 equipped with a myriad of smart features : Smart Keyboard, which can recognize the user typing habits ; Smart Notice, to provide advice and input ; and Smart Security, to secure the phone from jail thanks to the hands of Knock Code, Content Lock, and Kill Switch.

To support all the advantages offered by it, the LG includes a battery-powered 3000 mAh. Interestingly, unlike other premium on smart phones that brings the concept of a unibody, LG G3 back cover can be removed, so is the battery.


Processor : 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801
Operating system : Android 4.4 KitKat
Screen : 5.5 inch QHD 2560 x 1440 pixels ( 538 ppi )
Capacity RAM : 2 GB DDR3
Main camera : 13 MP, OIS and autofocus laser
Front camera : 2.1 MP
Memory Slot : micro - SD ( max 128 GB )
Video : Capable of recording 4K video
Dimensions : 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm
Weight : 149 grams
Battery : 3,000 mAh