10 Jun 2014

Google Prepares "Relationships Close Up" Feature

Andrekheren via Pixabay - zhivotech.com
Android Maskot - Andrekheren via Pixabay

Having previously reported to be preparing ammunition in the form of android TV, google is reportedly developing a new feature in Android called "Nearby". This feature allows a mobile phone or tablet that is within close distance to connect and interact.

Android Police Site technology reports, this feature will be easier for users who are in the same location to share data or information. In addition, the feature also allows users to get quotes from nearby shops.

Nearby is to make mobile phones and tablets is far more intelligent, allowing them to interact with what's around without user intervention. Google also reportedly will allow application developers to take advantage of features Nearby, in the hope ecosystem will evolve.

It is not certain how the Android devices can interact. However, Android Police reported Nearby features in Android can automatically turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even a microphone.

If so, it could be going to feature raises privacy issues because there are fears some recording data or the user's location.
It will certainly give it a positive or negative opinion of the users, because it can provide more open access to other users. can instantly provide an opportunity for users ignorant.

According to reports, the Nearby plan will be announced in application developer conference Google I / O 2014, the end of June 2014.