29 Jun 2014

Google I/O, What Is Announced ?

The annual conference Google I/O this year began to be held in San Francisco, Wednesday (06/25/2014). In the event the meeting place with the Google Android developers, Google unveil a number of announcements about products and services that will soon be released.

So far, the new operating system, Android L be the primary focus of the developers. However, beyond that, I also have several other important announcements that can not be missed, such as Google TV and Google Auto.

In addition, Google also provides a final update on the position of Android in the global mobile market. Any announcements made ​​at the event Google I/O this year? Here is a summary.

Android One

We start by making an announcement about the Android One program. Basically, Android One is a cheap Android smartphone programs that target markets in the developing world.

One with Android, Google wants to make a cheap smartphone that has a quality that can be controlled. Because of this, Google makes several hardware requirements that must be adhered to by vendors who are interested in making Android devices One.

According to The Next Web (6/25/2014), the first Android device One planned launch in India. In these countries, Google has embraced vendors Micromax and Karbonn to produce Android smartphones under 100 dollars.

Android L Developer Preview

Google's Android is the designation L for the next Android version after version 4.4 KitKat. Android L features an entirely new interface, called the Materials Design.

By Materials Design, developers can now create applications with typography and color can change. In addition, the tool Polymer, developers can create more refined animations up to 60 fps.

Another feature that Google introduced Android through L is a way to show the notification, context-based authentication features, support 64-bit computing, and new Android Extension Pack that supports 3D graphics.

Meanwhile, to help extend battery life, Google makes the Volta Project can analyze usage patterns and improve the power consumption of battery.

In terms of security, Android L will also be equipped with a new patch for Google Play, as well as factory reset protection.

Android Wear

Finally, the Android platform for wearable devices, Android Wear, Google formally introduced. Not just introduced its SDK only, some vendors also released its wearable devices that use the Android OS Wear, like the LG G Watch, Gear Live Samsung, and Motorola 360.

Wear in Android, users can browse the cards in Google Now and smartphone applications it supports. Materials Design is also present in this wearable platform.

Voice commands are also added in the Android Wear. By simply saying "OK Google," the user can make notes, set reminders, alarms, phone calls, and so on.

Android Auto

Google also wants to expand its operating system market in the automotive realm with the introduction of Android Auto. I call it a safe solution to use Android devices while driving.

Auto Android embedded in the car can be connected with supporting smartphones. With these features, users can get information and navigation.

The driver also remains bisamenerima and send messages while driving with voice command, keeping the hands stay on the wheel and stay on the road view.

Up to now, about 40 automobile manufacturers including Hyundai, Porsche, and Acura have declared themselves to participate in this program which is planned Android Auto launched later this year.

Android TV

The family room is also being targeted in popularizing Google Android, with the launch of Android TV is basically a set-top box that runs the Android operating system to display on the television screen.

With Android TV, users can stream content to set-top-box, play games in the Play Store and display it to the TV experience by adding Google Search that provides information and related clips from YouTube.

Android TV can be controlled with a remote, D-pad, or smartwatch.

Android Work

Google introduced Android Work program to connect a person with the job, such as allowing running native Microsoft Office, including editing functions, in Google Docs.

In addition, Google also introduced Google Drive Premium subscription fee for the new enterprise customers, which is 10 U.S. dollars per month for unlimited capacity.

Google Fit

Health care is also a concern Google. Proved by the introduction of Google's Fit platform, multi-OS open API for applications and device health.

Fit as a competitor called Google the same platform that is owned by Apple with its HealthKit. Nike and Adidas are some vendors who have expressed a wish to use this platform.

That's some major announcements in the event Google as Google I/O this year. In addition to introducing new products and services, Google also introduced an increase in services, such as Google Cloud for the release of the tool to use developers debug applications that are running directly on many servers.

As for Google Play, Google showed off features of the new game profiles "Saved Games" featuring a screen capture of the progress of the game is being played, following the score board.