7 Jun 2014

Google 3D Tablet, Whats Going On ?

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Google, on Thursday (05/06/2014), officially announce the tablet project with the functions of capturing images three-dimensional (3D) and equipped with various sensors. The project is called Project Tango Tablets.
3D features on this tablet is useful for indoor mapping project and other visual work, or even at a later date may be useful in the gaming industry.
The tablet will be sold for 1,024 U.S. dollars as at the end of 2014 Development Kit and Google reportedly ready to produce more than a thousand tablets, greater than 200 smart phone smartphone Tango Project.

"Development Kit is designed for professional developers who are interested in exploring the future of 3D image capture from the mobile devices," Google wrote, as quoted by The Verge.
Google partnered with Nvidia to make this tablet. He was provided with K1 Tegra processor, 4GB of RAM, 4G of internal memory, 7-inch screen, and 4G LTE features.
Of course, Google equip high specification camera components and a number of sophisticated sensors that allow the tablet to distinguish the orientation and motion.