13 Jun 2014

Free Swiftkey Application For Android


SwiftKey Keyboard is a keyboard replacement app on the touch screen of your Android device. SwiftKey Keyboard can make your typing faster and more precise.

This is the best-selling paid application on google play, SwiftKey Keyboard apk itself until now has issued its latest versions.

The main feature that is in SwiftKey X is the natural language technology. With this technology SwiftKey X can learn from the words we write, and the result is this smart keyboard auto-correction can give a more accurate

One of the most famous keyboard app on the smartphone is already doing 'charity' to share freely his data input applications.

If previous smartphone users must purchase to get the premium version of SwiftKey keyboard app, now they do not need to spend a dime to get an application that is now giving more and more excellent features, PhoneArena (11/6).

The latest version is equipped with SwiftKey SwiftKey Store where users can download additional themes which amounted to 30 pieces. In fact, there is a package containing ten theme as well with a fairly friendly about USD 60 thousand.

On the other hand, belongs to the word prediction feature SwiftKey also been progressing quite rapidly. In its update patch 5.0, SwiftKey can learn the patterns of word prediction that is often used by users, including sensitivity to the use of capital letters.

Remarkably, the foreign word prediction on the keyboard is also experiencing growth in which the user can enter 3 languages to be used as a benchmark writing with fairly accurate results.

SwiftKey will come with a 'force' a new form of 800 emoji that can be accessed with a single touch. Interestingly, SwiftKey can also predict the emoticon of the word is entered, for example, if you type 'love', SwiftKey can suggest some emoticons associated with 'love'.

To get the SwiftKey, Android OS-based smartphone users can directly download the Google Play Store. As for iPhone users to bite the fingers, because this application will not appear to the OS iOS gadgets.