4 Jun 2014

Core i7-4790K, The First 4 GHz Processor By Intel

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Intel Core i7
While waiting for family presence Fifth Generation Core i processors ( Broadwell ), Intel introduced a new model of desktop processors named Core i7 - 4790K .

The processor has a code of " Devil 's Canyon " was officially introduced by Intel Corporate President Renee James at Computex 2014 keynote session in Taiwan, Tuesday ( 06/03/2014 ).

Featured Intel Core i7 - 4790K From is its frequency which reached number 4 in the default alias GHz standard from the factory.

Previously, the speed can only be achieved by current Intel processors are in vogue " Turbo " or when over-clocked.

" This is the first processor with four cores running at a speed of 4 GHz, " James said when speaking on stage.

He added that the frequency of the Core i7 - 4790K can be boosted still further by overclocking techniques made ​​easy by a factor ( multiplier ) is open.

In architecture, the Core i7 - 4790K is actually no different from his predecessors, still on the basis of " Haswell " as found on Intel Core i family of the Fourth Generation.

However, Intel modify some aspects of the processor, such as conductor of heat ( thermal interface ) which is claimed to lower the operating temperature and power regulator to prevent voltage fluctuations or " droop ".

Core i7 - 4790K use LGA 1150 socket package and is compatible with motherboards based on chipset series 9 or Z87.

But Intel says that the processor is intended as a replacement for the previous generation chip, the Core i7 - 4770K and the same will be appreciated.