6 Jun 2014

Control Gloves VR Present As Complementary To Enter The Virtual World

Illustration - zhivotech.com

Virtual reality technology has continued to experience growth. After a few companies develop virtual reality headset, it now appears other support equipment. A glove construction project called Control-tech virtual reality VR is now emerging on Kickstarter. These gloves are made to bring the hands in the real world to the virtual world.
Before using VR Control, then those who wear headsets like Oculus Rift will not be able to see the real hand movement in the virtual world. And the existence of this VR Control also wants to change that. They wanted to bring the real person's body into the virtual world. As an initial step is the hand and fingers.

Co-founder and CEO of Control VR, Alex Sarnoff said that the motion sensor technology that is currently less than the maximum consumer. This is because the performance of the device is limited by space and camera system. Therefore, they want to replace the device with a small sensor placed on the arm and fingers.
Sarnoff said that such technology is actually designed for the military. Sarnoff said that each has three accelerometer sensor, three gyroscopes and three magnetometers. Data from these sensors was then used to calculate the movement of the hand and fingers relative of the body.
This device has also been demonstrated in conjunction with Oculus Rift. In the demo shown that the headset user can see his arm as well as naturally. Hand movements seen in headsets also represent a hand motion in the real world.
Party Control VR plans will provide the tools to those who gave a donation of 350 USD on Kickstarter. Unfortunately there is no information about the selling price of the device when it is sold to the market. But the chances we have to wait until the next 18 months.