21 Jun 2014

BlackBerry Stock Value Rise On Wall Street


BlackBerry stock value rose 12 percent in early trading on Wall Street after the company's smart phones are surprisingly reported a profit.

Net profit for the period of three months to the end of March were 23 million U.S. dollars, while in the same period a year earlier BlackBerry losing 84 million dollars.

"The performance this quarter shows that we are on track to achieve significant stage weight, including realizing the financial targets," said John Chen, Director of the new BlackBerry took office last November.

The advantage this year could not be separated from this Canadian company's efforts to cut various expenditure items and thanks to greater profit margins.

BlackBerry in recent years back continues to dominate market share eroded by the iPhone, Android phones, and phones based on Windows Phone.

Some time ago the BlackBerry launches Z3 in Indonesia, one of the important markets for the BlackBerry.

This week BlackBerry signed an agreement with Amazon that allows BlackBerry owners to download and install Android apps from the Amazon app store.