4 Jun 2014

Between Apple, Google And DropBox

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Apple launched a cloud -based storage system called iCloud latest drive to compete with Google Drive and Dropbox. The new service is similar to Apple's iCloud, but give more experience to control the files stored online.

iCloud Drive has a user interface similar to Dropbox and other file storage services. Users can sort and organize their files as needed to create a folder.

After the synchronization, the files stored in iCloud Drive can then be accessed from a Mac computer, as well as the iPhone and iPad. Appleprovides 5GB of free storage space per user.

Apple iCloud Drive treating this like iTunes available for Windows operating systems. Of course, Apple wants to benefit from the platform 's competitors.

In the event of WWDC 2014 on Monday ( 06/02/2014 ), in the United States, Apple announced the pricing structure for users who want to expand the storage capacity in iCloud Drive. Users who subscribe to the 20GB required to pay 0.99 U.S. dollars per month, while the 200GB subscription charge 3.99 dollars per month.

In comparison, Google offers Google Drive 15GB of storage for free, and users who want more capacity to pay 1.99 U.S. dollars per month for 100GB, 9.99 U.S. dollars per month for 1TB, and 99.99 dollars per month to 10TB.