21 Jun 2014

BBM Will Present On WindowsPhone On July 2014


Once available for Android and iOS platforms, BlackBerry instant messaging application (BBM) will be present in the Windows Phone in July.

This was disclosed by BlackBerry CEO John Chen, while announcing the first quarter 2014 financial statements in the presence of investors and analysts. However, Chen did not reveal the exact date of launch BBM on Windows Phone.

Expanding the availability of Windows Phone assessed will increase the number of BlackBerry users. BBM is currently used by 160 million registered users worldwide with 85 million monthly active users. Of these, 50 million are mobile phone users BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has a strategy to make BBM as the default application in a number of Android smart phone. In Indonesia, BBM is supported by a number of smart phone manufacturers both local and foreign.

Meanwhile, in terms of revenue, BlackBerry tried to get money from BBM by increasing sales of digital stickers and advertising stalls in BBM Channels.