3 Jun 2014

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2014, What Is OS X Yosemite ?

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2014
Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2014

In the mat Worldwide Developers Conference 2014, Apple introduced its latest OS X, named Yosemite. Display OS X Yosemite was a bit much adopted the view iOS 7, which began promoting " flat design".

In presentations and demos by Apple in the Moscone Center, Monday ( 02/06/2014 ) local time, appeared a few changes to the operating system for the Macintosh.

For example, Apple showed many translucent layers in the Finder and the Dock. In addition, there are also dark mode for the menu, which will display a menu with a dark background and white text.

One big change is in the Notification Center, which now has a Today View, which is a display that shows the things you need to know what today's users. Similar to the display on iOS. Developers said to be able to develop widgets for the Today View.

Another thing that has also changed quite dramatically is Spotlight. Search feature that was just perched on the corner of the screen is now moved to the center position and the screen size is so large enough.

When the search is done, the results will appear immediately below the Spotlight bar. Including the search to the web, the entry in Wikipedia, email messages, etc. that match what you are looking for.

Changes were also implemented in the Mail application. In addition to changing the look, a feature called Mail Drop Apple introduced. This feature allows users to send large files, up to 5GB, without fear of the e - mail recipient rejected due to attachment size is too large. If the " denied", Mail Drop will automatically put the file on the server and send the link to the recipient.

Apple currently has about 80 million users of OS X Maverick ( the latest available in the market ). The level of adoption reached 51 percent of all Mac users.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, in the mat was comparing it to Windows 8 called only to have the adoption rate of about 14 percent.

OS X Yosemite ( OS X 10:10 ) continues the tradition of naming the new Apple using the name of the place, which began on OS X Mavericks. Before that OS X uses names of big cats, such as OS X Tiger, OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion.

OS X Yosemite also continue the tradition of Apple's new OS X to eliminate the current users. For 2014, Apple even start a new tradition of a Public Beta, meaning that ordinary users can download the Beta version of OS X OS X Yosemite ( not yet completed ).