4 Jun 2014

Apple Preparing to Launch "Smarthome" Concept

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HomeKit Concept By Apple - gsm.tech.com

Apple Inc., the giant technology companies from the United States, is preparing to enliven competition or Smarthome smart home concept. Theplan of this concept will be introduced in the show 's Worldwide DevelopersConference ( WDC ) in San Francisco, USA, on June 2 to 6 next.

" SmartHome concept is an attempt to compete with Apple's Samsung, " according to posts on tech site Mashable. Samsung, which has been the strongest competitor of Apple Inc., has been first launched the concept of smart homes connected to a variety of mobile devices.

Samsung introduces the concept of smart home called Smart House in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. The technology lets users operate a television, refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine or via a smart phone and a digital slate that particular application installed.

The technology that will be presented by Apple Inc. is the operation of household appliances via the iPhone. There will be a designated partner to develop the device. However, the company is headquartered in San Francisco is reluctant to convey who became a manufacturing partner to develop such devices.

Apple Inc. already signaled interest in developing the concept of smart homes in June 2012. At that time the company was purchased technology patents connected to lighting systems, security, music equipment, automatic garage doors and kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, Apple did not immediately realize the concept that eventually preceded Samsung.

Quoted from Business Insider, the concept of the Internet of Things are integrated into household appliances is expected to connect various products around 9 billion in 2018.