27 Jun 2014

Android TV, Expansion Of Google

Google expand the use of the Android operating system, is no exception to the living room at home. The technology company officially introduced the Android TV is a TV devices and set-top box.

In the application developer conference Google I/O 2014 in San Francisco, United States, Wednesday (25/06/2014), Google said that Android TV running the Android operating system L. It was designed to replace the Google TV service, which was launched in 2010 ago.

Google has teamed up with Sony and Sharp to design a special television to Android TV, also in collaboration with Razer and Asus in the development of set-top boxes for regular televisions.

Android TV is more value lies in the feature game. He can run applications downloaded games from the app store Google Play Store.

Google provides a tool controller to play games on the Android TV and feature online multiplayer features. To improve the feel of the competition, scores or achievements can be shared with other users.

Users can also enjoy video content from Netflix and Hulu. Interestingly, Android TV software can also give advice or favorite program content to the user through the features of the Knowledge Graph.

To encourage ecosystem Android TV, Google said it would collaborate with Qualcomm, Nvidia, Intel, and Broadcom.

Google several times tried to present content in television entertainment, but no one has been successful. The company had launched the Nexus Q and Chromecast dongle, which is useful as a recipient of audio and video content from a mobile device and display it on the screen.