3 Jun 2014

8 unique things in iOS 8. Find Here !

iOS 8
iOS 8

In the mat Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC ) 2014, Apple has introduced a newmobile operating system iOS 8. What's new and exciting from the operating system ?

Here are eight things that should be highlighted on iOS 8 :

1. Notifications Interactive

Through IOS 8, iPhone or iPad users no longer need to open the application to reply to a message. 8 notification feature in iOS allows users to interact directly, such as replying to a message, through the notification that appears. Not only reply message, Apple demoed the feature for me - " Like" something on Facebook or bidding on an item on eBay, all of them directly from the notification screen, without opening the application. Notification Center was, finally, opened to third-party widgets.

2. Spotlight

As in OS X Park, IOS 8 also increased the alias Spotlight search feature. In iOS, via Spotlight search is now beyond the application and the data that is in the device and began to include movies, songs, and applications that are not owned by the user but is available on iTunes, the data from the internet ( including Wikipedia ) and data from Maps.

3. Keyboard

8 Apple introduced in iOS QuickType, keyboard feature that displays the automatic choice of words on a keyboard. In the demo, the choice of words would be appropriate to the context and conversational applications. Not all languages ​​are supported by QuickType. Still about the keyboard, it is quite surprising is Apple's open access users to install third -party keyboard, and is demonstrated by running Swype on the iPhone.

4. Messages

There are many things that Apple added to the Messgaes. Ranging from audio and video messages that can be affixed with a tap of a button, share your location with friends, managing groups and message style WhatsApp messages even temporary alias disappear in some time after the accepted style Snapchat.

5. Healthkit

8 introduces Healthkit iOS, an application that collects health data users. It is suitable for those who are fond of using fitness apps and accessories, such as Nike + or the other.

6. Sharing Family

Family Sharing feature allows multiple iOS device is connected to a credit card account. This feature also allows the head of the family and approve ( or reject ) the purchase of apps and In App Purchase from his account, the credit card used for the same. Moreover Family Sharing can be used to share the schedule in the calendar, reminders, pictures and location.

7. Photos

8 Photos in iOS applications can be synchronized with multiple devices, including the editing is done. The photos will be stored on iCloud account is available for free up to 5GB.

8. Siri

Siri can now be accessed without a touch. Simply say " Hey, Siri " personal assistant feature and it will appear. Similar to " OK, Glass " in Google Glass or " OK, I " in Chrome OS. Siri is now also able to recognize the song being played in the background.