24 May 2014

Twitter Testing Video Sharing Service

Twitter Testing Video Sharing Service
Trailler - Recode.net

Failed to acquire Soundcloud, Twitter still has another weapon to win the hearts of its users. The weapon is a video sharing feature that will be introduced Twitter.

Currently the 140-character social networking is being tested reported new way to share videos. Such features are expected akna encourage more users to share videos.

Video sharing feature tested by Twitter called Recode ( 22/05/2014 ) assembled for easy included, displayed, and played with mobile devices.

This feature is similar to the one-click ability to playback video that used Twitter to sell video ads on its timeline.

To try out this new video sharing feature, Twitter displays the movie trailer A Million Ways To Die In The West by director Seth McFlare, which also starred actress Charlize Theron.

Users may be able to search the video in Twitter for iOS or Android by using the hashtag # AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest

In addition to searching and playing videos, Twitter also share Attach button for each video you want to share via Twitter. Users simply press the Attach button, and then add the chirp you want to include with the video.

Could be, the Twitter business model targeting YouTube video -based or other social networks, such as Vine or Instagram.

However, you should keep in mind is, to provide video sharing service that could compete with YouTube, Twitter has struggled. Because besides expensive investment, how to earn money from this method is still difficult.

In addition, YouTube has been around a long time and has a user base grew in number.