13 May 2014

Twitter Start To Provide "Mute" Feature

Twitter Start To Provide "Mute" Feature
Features 'mute' was introduced to a number of users.

Twitter had tested Mute function since last May 2014 . On Monday ( 05/12/2014 ) , Twitter said the Mute feature will soon be available in the mobile and desktop versions .

Mute feature by Twitter administered as an attempt to improve the Twitter experience for its users . Sometimes,
Twitter users is faced with a dilemma choice . Accounts were followed often singing about things that they think are not important or intrusive .  

However , for some reason , they can not unfollow those accounts , and gave up his tweet - tweet appears in the timeline .Well, that's the Mute feature introduced by Twitter . 

Mute can be used to " silence the " chirp - chirp specific accounts following his Retweet without having to unfollow . In addition to hiding the update tweet from your account muted , users will no longer get SMS or push notification from the account in question . 

In the official Twitter blog made ​​on Monday , wrote that Twitter users are " silenced " can still be seen chirp , retweet , and favorite of the " pembungkamnya . " Or in other words , they are not aware if it is in " Mute . 

"To silence the users of Android and iOS devices , or from a web browser , users can access the More Options menu and Mute @ username ( where username is the account name @ desired ) . To silence someone of his profile page , select Option ( gears icon ) , and select Mute @ username . 

In contrast to the Blocked function , Mute function allows the user remains muted see timeline activity .Mute feature updates to Twitter on Android , iOS , and Twitter.com will be released soon in the next few weeks gradually to users across the country .