21 May 2014

Twitter Reportedly Wants to Buy SoundCloud

Twitter Reportedly Wants to Buy SoundCloud
Twitter - BBC

Twitter tries to hook users who like to share music in his Twitter account. After failing with Twitter Music, this time the social networking company reportedly wants acquire audio - sharing, SoundCloud.

According to sources close to the matter, if the acquisition of Twitter on SoundCloud materialize, then it would be the largest acquisition ever made ​​by Twitter.

As rumored by Recode on Monday ( 19/05/2014 ), SoundCloud acquisition by Twitter will be the second attempt in trying to embrace Twitter users who like to share and track links music they like.

Last year, Twitter has launched Twitter apps Music. However, these efforts failed, because the application does not get a warm welcome by its users.

At first, Twitter Soundcloud Music will hold as one of music providers. However, because some of the music uploaded to SoundCloud in the form of pirated music and do not have a license, then it is opposed by the major music studios.

Twitter Music Project application was terminated in March 2014.

Not Sure how valuation demanded by Soundcloud if Twitter ask for her hand. However, at the beginning of this year, SoundCloud getting injection of around 60 million U.S. dollars which makes the value of the company increased to 700 million U.S. dollars.

If the deal with Twitter is realized, it will help sell ads on Soundcloud for streaming the music page.

In addition, with the inclusion of Twitter can be used as a weapon for SoundCloud to penetrate the music labels to distribute the songs.

There has been no official statement from both parties regarding the acquisition rumors.