21 May 2014

Twitter Cancel The Purchase SoundCloud?

Twitter Cancel The Purchase SoundCloud?

Twitter rumored to be acquired SoundCloud to provide music services in the social network. However, no less than 24 hours since the rumors were rife latest news emerged that the plan failed.

The Wall Street Journal and Der Spiegel reported that Twitter retreated from plans to buy the German company.

Why ? According to reliable sources the Wall Street Journal, Twitter and SoundCloud can not agree about the " numbers ".

SoundCloud is an audio streaming service from Germany which allows users to upload and share a song or other audio recordings. If so annexed, the service is believed to cure SoundCloud Twitter Music service fee that is failing.

SoundCloud is currently estimated to be worth USD 700 million, having received funding of USD 60 million in 2013. Twitter apparently is not ready to spend millions of dollars to annex these services.

The two companies are not delivering his official statement about the acquisition rumors.