12 May 2014

TP Link Start Offer Power Bank

TP Link Start Offer Power Bank
Produk power bank TP-Link TL-PB10400.

Usually TP Link is known as a provider of networking products, especially its wireless router. This time, they introduced the power of banks.

Products that have the power bank 10400mAh capacity and supports power input 5V/2A. Products named TL-PB10400 it can be claimed within 6 hours with power adapter.

Through the dual USB ports - each displaying the output 5V/2A and 5V/1A - TL-PB10400 supports simultaneous charging for the iPad and iPhone.

This device is said to be compatible with all power adapters under 5V/2A input. He is said to be able to automatically adapt to different input power, in the specification, safely.

At full capacity, the device is able to fully charge a smartphone called 5-6 cycles. In terms of security, this device is said to prevent overvoltage situations, excessive current, excessive power, excessive temperature, and short circuit.