10 May 2014

Samsung Ad Suitable for Killing Apple?

Samsung Ad

Advertisement Samsung Galaxy newly launched S5 turned out to be considered the most appropriate ads targeted by Ace Matrix institutions . The effectiveness of these ads even compete with ads feature called " FaceTime Apple " that launched 2010. Is this true ? 

Ace Matrix is an agency analysts measure the effectiveness of each ad is displayed , both on television and in other media , including digital . According to him , the ad entitled " Everything Better " managed to convey the message to the audience with a clear and straightforward .In the ad , Samsung is to directly compare the Samsung Galaxy S5 hers with iPhone 5s . Samsung Galaxy S5 favor the resolution of the screen is bigger than the iPhone 5s . 

In the ad , in addition to juxtaposing belongs eternal rival smartphones , Samsung also even put the word " iPhone " in the ads . 

Quoted from Business Insider ( 07.05.2014 ) , Ace Metrix scores to give the Samsung ad for 715 , slightly higher than most smartphones ads that the average score is 583 . 

The score obtained Ace Metrix collects data from consumer interviews that assess advertising based on characteristics , such as the ability of persuasion , attraction information , and relevance .Keep in mind , the Apple iPhone 5s only ads in the Ace Metrix parameters only get a score of 638 . Has become the highest score ever achieved by Apple until now . 

According to Ace Metrix , the ad is able to suck up a lot of attention , but failed to deliver sufficient information and level of less relevance .However , a marketing consultant Chris Matyszczyk - write - in Cnet site , which in essence is , Ace Metrix certainly favor of Samsung , as the Korean giant company became one of his clients .

Matyszczyk indicates a
link that proves - that in the year 2012, Samsung started using Ace Metrix services to help analyze and create effective ads .