13 May 2014

Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry

BlackBerry Z3

First introduced at the Mobile World Congress in late February in Barcelona , Spain , BlackBerry Z3 , immediate attention , including in Indonesia's capital , Jakarta , used as the code name of the device .

The first fruit of the partnership between the smartphone with Foxconn Blackberry is the new flagship BlackBerry is deliberately contrived to target emerging markets ( such as Indonesia ) , " the last bastion " for the Canadian manufacturer .

Price range of $ 200 USD BlackBerry Z3 put in the middle class smartphone market as the cheapest BlackBerry 10 phones , competes with such a lot of Android smartphones from other manufacturers . What can be offered by the " Jakarta " ? Follow the following review ZhivoTech Team .

Solid box 

Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
BlackBerry Z3 behind a packing box

Like the 10 other BlackBerry devices , the Z3 is packaged in a black box that displays the name of the phone in a font large white - blue . Mobile unit will be welcomed once the pack is opened . Stored behind a number of additional accessories such as the booklet manual , charger cable / data adapter , and earphones . Everything is black .

Price BlackBerry Z3 arguably fairly affordable for the size of the pockets of consumers . However, the third grasped , immediately felt that this smart phone has a fairly good construction quality . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Equipment sales package that accompanies BlackBerry Z3
BlackBerry Z3 shell is made of plastic that feels solid , not fragile and far from being cheap . Maybe a bit much unibody form factor helps provide the body a " solid " and solid on this device .

The back of the BlackBerry Z3 has a pattern of spots with a textured surface that feels rough , almost like rubber . In contrast to a number of high-end devices made ​​by the manufacturer , BlackBerry Z3 does not have a back cover that can be removed so that the smartphone battery can not be replaced by the user . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Front view of BlackBerry Z3
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Rear of BlackBerry Z3
Like the touchscreen smartphone , the BlackBerry Z3 front side dominated large touch screen , up to 5 inches ( 960x540 , 220 ppi ) or greater than the Z10 BlackBerry launched early last year .

Without any physical buttons , the front of the BlackBerry Z3 looks " clean " and simple . As for the navigation buttons ( call button , search , and camera ) appear as softbutton on the bottom side of the screen . A secondary camera with 1.1 megapixel resolution perched on the top side . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Micro-USB connector on the bottom side of the BlackBerry Z3. Unfortunately, this device does not yet support USB OTG feature
The top and bottom of each to make a 3.5 mm audio jack connector and micro - USB . Unfortunately, unlike the other brother ( Z30 ) , BlackBerry Z3 does not support USB On - the- Go so they can not be used to read / transfer the data from the USB flash drive . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Micro-SIM slot and a micro-SD card on BlackBerry Z3
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
A row of buttons on the left side of the BlackBerry Z3
BlackBerry Z3 layout is slightly different from the two brothers , Z30 and Z10 BlackBerry . Slot to insert a SIM card and micro - SD ( up to 32 GB ) is now moved to the bottom of the small cover on the right side , while the power button , volume control and mute button that will call the voice dialing application when pressed and held is now located on the left .

Two buttons to raise and lower the sound volume can be pressed and held simultaneously to take a screenshot of the screen . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Comparison of the size of the BlackBerry Z3 (left), Z10 (middle), and Q10
With a 5 -inch landscape display , including the size of the BlackBerry Z3 bongsor among 10 other BlackBerry devices . Physical dimensions roughly comparable to the Z30 which is the most advanced touchscreen device from the BlackBerry today, and is much larger than the QWERTY models like Q10 .Wide -screen display that has a pretty good look . Both text and images can be presented with a sharp and clear , though not as bright as any other device that has a higher resolution .

BlackBerry Z3 overall design looks more rigid than other models with angles and bold lines that shaped " box " . He looks minimal grooves glance similar to the line of Xperia smartphones from Sony .

BlackBerry with Android Flavor

BlackBerry Z3 brings the BlackBerry operating system version 10.2.1 which is the latest release from the Canadian plant .

This operating system includes a large number of new features , such as white balance settings in the settings menu " display " and the icon to activate the flashlight in the quick settings panel ( accessed by swiping the finger from the top of the screen to the bottom ) . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
BlackBerry homescreen Z3
Unfortunately, a very useful quick settings like similar features in Android and iOS can only be accessed from the home screen , can not be called while the user running the application .Reportedly , the new quick settings will be accessible from within the application in the next OS update ( BlackBerry OS 10.3 ) .One of the most interesting features on the BlackBerry Z3 default operating system is the ability to install applications in the form of Android APK files without the need to sideload or converted into BAR files as before . Runtime on Android mobile OS is detected as version 4.2.2 ( Jelly Bean ) . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Rows of APK files can be directly installed on the BlackBerry Z3. Quick settings (right) provides quick access to a number of aspects of the new arrangements
Users can directly install APK files , applications created for the Android 4.2.2 platform down , as long as it is not that utilizes Google APIs ( eg Google Maps ) .

Installation can be done directly from the file manager BlackBerry Z3 , simply browse the APK file , for example stored in the micro - SD , and then executes it .

Smartphones will then display a screen containing the disclaimer before proceeding to the installation stage . Once completed , the application icon will appear in the relevant home screen and can be run in the normal way , as no different from native apps BlackBerry 10 . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Android benchmark software can also run on BlackBerry Z3, though it may not describe the actual system performance because the measure through the Android runtime that runs on top of the BlackBerry OS 10.2.1
In addition to passing a file explorer , users can also download the APK file from an online source / app store that provides , for example, Train APK site . Installation can be done directly from the browser download window .

ZhivoTech team had tried to run some Android apps on BlackBerry Z3 , including Flappy Bird games , and social networking Path which is still not available natively on BlackBerry 10 .

Although able to function normally , not everything went smoothly . In Flappy Bird , for example , there is a touchscreen input lag that causes the game more difficult to play . Lag is also common in some other application , though not too intrusive . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Android applications in the form of an APK file is executable and function normally on a BlackBerry Z3
The rest , features 10 other BlackBerry-style , for example , the central communications hub BlackBerry and BlackBerry Messenger can be found on the BlackBerry Z3 . FM radio that is part of the OS 10.2.1 can be found in the Music application and can be used by plugging headphones as an antenna .

As usual , the BlackBerry 10 operating system to rely on finger swipe gestures to access a number of basic functions , such as multitasking interface with finger sweeps from the bottom of the screen and sidebar menu with a sweep of the side of the screen. 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Display virtual keyboard and predictive text on your BlackBerry Z3 (left) and a score of HTML5Test.com
The keyboard on the BlackBerry 10 provides the option of " predictive text " that is trying to guess what word you are trying typed the first few letters of the user . Some said these prediction results will be displayed in a " floating" in some parts of the virtual keyboard and can be selected directly by swiping a finger upward . That is , to save time typing .

Unknown reasons , ZhivoTech team often make mistakes in typing when writing in the on-screen keyboard on the BlackBerry Z3 . Maybe it's just a matter of habit .

Default browser on BlackBerry 10 feels fast when used to surf the internet , do the loading of web pages swiftly . This browser is indeed one that has the best performance about the handling of HTML5 -based website .CameraBlackBerry Z3 also comes with a 5 megapixel camera LED flash below . This camera functions can be accessed easily through a camera icon that always appears at the bottom of the home screen interface and the lock screen . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
The interface on the BlackBerry camera app Z3
The interface is the same as the camera application on another BlackBerry 10 smartphone , with the typical features of the operating system such as " Time Shift " which can record the moments before and after the shutter button is pressed , and " Image Stabilization " .

BlackBerry Z3 own photo quality is fairly decent , not too special but still can produce good pictures in ideal lighting conditions . Contrast and color saturation are produced relatively high , sometimes looks too " thick " so that the dark areas on the frame looks really dark .

Noise reduction in low light conditions , thereby reducing aggressive enough detail , but it is prevalent in smartphone cameras in general . In such situations, features ( digital ) image stabilization can help to get a free photo blurry .

Metering area tends to narrow and follow the focal point , so the camera is often fooled when the focal point leading to darker areas / brighter than the main subject desired . This metering mode can not be changed , for example, a center weight or " evaluative " as in some high-end Android smartphones .

Some examples can be seen in the shots below . BlackBerry Z3 is also capable of recording video with 1080p resolution 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Examples of the images in the room by BlackBerry Z3
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
Examples of the outdoor images by BlackBerry Z3


Carrying the code name " Jakarta " great hope that as the maker mark on the Indonesian market , BlackBerry Z3 has launched this afternoon in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

Compared with its competitors , the Z3 offers a fairly capable specifications for the size of the official price is pegged at $ 200 USD . Z3 RAM capacity , for example , up to 1.5 GB . Amount greater than the average smartphone in its class it is necessary to deal with the BlackBerry 10 OS at the same voracious Android Runtime memory .

BlackBerry Z3 still feels agile when multitasking or running applications natively . To save memory , the number of applications that run simultaneously on the screen is limited to multitask 4 pieces at a time . 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
BlackBerry Z3 RAM 1.5 GB size to accommodate all the activities that occur in memory. If Android needs an update, then it must be done manually
BlackBerry Z3 is the first phone that comes with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 by default . As an innate feature of the operating system , users can directly install Android APK files from form without having to do sideloading .

Features worthy of this spotlight can be done to deal with the absence of certain native applications on the BlackBerry World store , for example, social networking Path . However , his name is not a native program , not everything can run smoothly . The problem arises when Android needs an update for the BlackBerry device can not do it automatically .

The question that then arises is , if you bother to install Android applications , why not just buy a smartphone based on the operating system ? After all , the difference between the BlackBerry and other mobile phones ( fuel and proprietary data path ) has been eroded , at least for consumers outside the corporate circles .

Moreover , he would plunge into the lower-middle segment is already crowded contain a wide variety of Android devices . Z3 will face BlackBerry smart phones from various vendors . They carry an average of comparable specifications , and come with their respective advantages .

On the other hand , the BlackBerry Z3 brings the build quality is slick and it did not seem cheap though denagn priced at a relatively affordable price . Other features include standard but sufficient . " Cheap but good ( quality of construction ) " designation may be addressed on a decent smartphone . Can he attract the attention of consumers in a market already crowded ? 
Review of "BlackBerry Jakarta": Not Just Cheap Of BlackBerry
BlackBerry Z3 and packing boxes

BlackBerry Z3Pros :+ Good construction quality+ OS 10.2.1 able to install APK files directly+ Fairly high specification for its class of smartphones+ Screen width , size comparable to most high-end smartphones on the marketshortage- Unibody design complicate the battery replacement by users- Not support USB OTG- Collection BlackBerry 10 platform is not much else- Quick -settings menu can not be accessed from within the application


Official Name
BlackBerry Z3
Form factor
landscape Screen
5 inches ,960x540 (220 ppi)
Quacomm Snapdragon 400, dual-core Cortex A7 1,2 GHz, Adreno 305
1,5 GB
Internal Storage Media
8 GB
Slot micro-SD
Yes, up to 64 GB
Main camera
5 Megapixel with LED flash
Front Camera
1,1 Megapixel
2G network
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G network
USB connector
Micro USB
Yes, with A-GPS support
WLAN, BlueTooth 4,0, HMDI, jack audio 3,5 mm
other features
FM Radio, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Browser HTML5
Operating system
BlackBerry 10.2.1