21 May 2014

Old Apple Logo Sold 100 Million USD

Old Apple Logo
Old Apple Logo

Still remember the apple " rainbow " which became a symbol of the company Apple first ? Images into Apple 's official logo will soon be auctioned off next June.

Precisely, the two boards are sold at the old logo was plastered on Apple 's office in Cupertino, California. A pair of logos removed in 1997 is scheduled to be auctioned at a starting price start 10,000 dollars or about Rp 115 million.

Quoted from Cnet, each board is shaped logo similar to an apple with a bite mark on the right side. The pattern of rainbow colors arranged horizontally meet fruit.

According to auction house Bonhams auction that mediates the inspiring " bite mark " comes from the company's founder, Steve Jobs.

The reason is that the fruit into the Apple logo is really similar to apples, not tomatoes. The colors of the rainbow is also proposed by Jobs that the company was a " humanist ".

One of the logos board 4x4 feet ( 1,2 x1, 2 meters ) and once installed on one side of Building 3 at Apple headquarters in Cupertino complex.

Bonhams auction will open in New York on June 4. The second board is concerned logo derived from an Apple employee.